Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Term runs on...

...interestingly the amount of blog posts I write is directly proportional to how quiet or busy I currently am. The fact that nothing has appeared here in the month of November is a sure sign that it has been a rather crazy month. So here goes with a run through of what has happened since my last post:

I visited the House of Lords to promote the University of Lincoln College of Arts.
This was a fascinating event, a chance to schmooze with lords and ladies...and Nicholas Parsons. Parliament is the most sensationally beautiful building from the outside and it is equally lovely inside.

I taught...a lot!
It has been a busy teaching term. It's all been very jolly, including a first year lecture on grammar that had a sweet doggie on each slide, my deliberate attempt to mention Hugh Jackman in every Musicals lecture and our dissertation speed dating party. It isn't all such flippant fun of course; I wouldn't want to give you the wrong idea!

Almost cracking my canter.
Although I haven't had a lot of time to ride dear ol' Tommy over the past few weeks, every time I have he has looked after me beautifully and I am beginning to get the hang of the canter. It is far harder than it looks on the telly!

I have spoken at the University of Strathclyde.
And very exciting it was too! It was lovely to get an invite up north and the small crowd was very appreciative and asked great questions. I was particularly impressed that 4 of their undergrads came along. We had a lovely dinner afterwards.

I enjoyed a great few days in Edinburgh.
After my trip to Glasgow I travelled across to the right side of Scotland (I joke, I joke!) and stayed with the in laws in Edinburgh. I spent two happy days in the National Library, snoozing on their couch and playing Lego with our niece until D arrived on Friday evening. We then hung out all weekend, enjoying lots of family time and eating half pizza suppers with salt and sauce (actually this was D - he had a bit of a craving for this Auld Reekie staple).

I have nearly finished the book.
It is nearly done although I am waiting for 2 clear days so I can do a thorough final read through. I genuinely think it is the best thing I have ever written - I'm rather proud of it and super grateful to everyone who has contributed to it.

My abstract was accepted for the Literature and Sport conference at De Montfort next year.
I am speaking on wrestling and the text. The fact that they accepted this abstract and didn't tell me to forcefully 'go away because wrestling isn't really a sport' is testimony to the gracious openmindedness of the organising committee. I can't wait for this conference, especially as current academic hero Sarah Churchwell is giving the keynote.

I have nearly not quite finished GSP Rushfit.
Over the past two weeks I haven't quite felt myself - just a little under the weather. This has knocked my fitness regime out a bit. Perhaps I just needed a bit of a proper break after 6 months of super tough physical challenge. Anyways, I have two weeks left of the course and will get that done over the next couple of weeks. After watching GSP get beaten up (but somehow winning- I'll never understand MMA scoring), I am glad I just follow his training programme and don't actually have to get in the octagon!

And I think that is it. Days are very full right now - the next two are full of assessments and copyright permissions. Then we have Open Day on Saturday, a collapsing chill out day on Sunday...and then it is someone's birthday!

Have a great evening y'all.