Monday, 21 April 2014

Quite an April!

March might have only had one post but you are very lucky to have an April update at all! It's been quite a month so far having contracted acute viral labyrinthitis. This rather horrible virus gives you terrible vertigo and leaves you feeling super sick. It involved a couple of hospital trips and a week of lying about at my dear ol' mum and dad's house getting waited on. Having been struck by the illness on the Friday, by Thursday I was travelling through to De Montfort to give a paper at the Literature and Physical Culture conference. I was really looking forward to this conference and on Wednesday morning I didn't think I'd be able to do it. But with some parental guidance (you are never too old for that, right?) I made it and really enjoyed the conference. Some excellent, interesting, diverse scholarship on a range of topics. I spoke on pro-wrestling and it went down really rather well. I even got a question about the Undertaker's transformation into the American Bad Ass - that was unexpected!

After that I spent a few days resting up before getting back to writing (today is Easter Monday and I have just about managed to catch up with my work 'to do' list!) and some dissertation marking. Then it was off for a night at beautiful Greywalls hotel. I hadn't really eaten properly since the illness so I was looking forward to a brilliant meal. Although D had to help me out, I did manage my customary double Greywalls souffle! We then headed up to Montrose (to visit family) and then back to Edinburgh for some jolly days with the family. This Easter break has been dominated by a lot of chocolate eggs, Porto and Fi Eggs Benedict twice in three days(!) and Disney's Frozen, a favourite with our niece. I now have the soundtrack going round and round my head.

For the rest of this week: I have a couple of trips planned (to London and then to Hull), a quiet weekend and then three assessment weeks. The next month is always utterly chaotic - long days in dark studios watching upwards of 40 drama performances. Phew!

This year I have had monthly themes that I've tried to work on. After making lots of plans for April, the whole thing was disrupted by the illness. So, my April theme has become 'rest'. And, rather unsurprisingly, it has worked rather well! I have had to take time out of my tough exercise regime. I have slept a lot more than usual. I've simply done what I've felt like. This theme is going to continue through the assessment period...which is going to be a challenge! But I'm determined to take breaks, walk at lunch time and take things slowly.

Lots of exciting things planned for the next few months: gigs, trips, research, books, films, bbqs, new challenges. Always glad when a horrid illness reminds you a) that illness is yucky and I should be more compassionate towards those who suffer physical afflictions everyday and b) I should use my health to do great things.