Monday, 3 October 2016

And with that, term begins...

It's been a super summer of travel and projects. I (actually mostly 'we' - always lovely to travel with D!) have visited Australia, Qatar, Norway, Rennes, Moscow, St Petersburg, Edinburgh (naturally), Lake Garda, and the Algarve. Phew! Lots of great travel adventures; met some super people and realised, once again, that wherever you go in the world you find nice folks who will go out of their way to help you out. As well as an impressive travel schedule, this summer has been about writing projects...and lots of them. Mostly, deadlines have been met and words have been written.

So, what is there to look forward to for the rest of 2016 (only three months left, friends...where did this year go?)? Well, term starts this week and I'm looking forward to meeting the new students and reconnecting with our second and third years. I'm also taking on a few new roles at DMU, including PhD supervisor, MA Arts supervisor and heading up our new Drama Research Group. Research-wise, mostly the next few weeks will be focused on getting funding applications in (groan!) and finishing off a few projects, including this large chapter on Russian emigre director Theodore Komisarjevsky. Once all that is done, my thoughts can turn to new projects. I have two new articles I want to write (or finish writing) in the next six months, and a cool new collaborative project on the go which will hopefully lead to a big grant application in the Spring. But I am also working hard at pacing myself and trying not to take on too much. There is just so much fun stuff to do!

Then comes a (hopefully) joyous trip to California for the Modernist Studies Association conference (and a few days jolly holiday with D in the desert) before a few more weeks of teaching, a load of expected proofs to sort through and then...Christmas! Hoping to also find lots of time to hang out with friends (I realised the importance of this last Wednesday after a slightly frustrating day - man, I am glad for my buddies!) and family, see a bit more of Nottinghamshire and surrounding countryside (we visited Byron's house Newstead Abbey for the first time on Saturday - an Autumn walk makes me very happy), and do a lot more swimming which is my current favourite sporting pastime.

While the world continues to feel rather upside down (perhaps you are feeling it too?) I am grateful for lots of little joys.

Happy Autumn one and all - here's to woolly jumpers, soup, bonfires, hot chocolate and frosty walks! It is just my favourite time of the year!