Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ducklings, New articles and Chocolate

This about sums up the past week and a bit. We've had the wonder of 9 little ducklings wandering about our garden. I've had the excitement and anxiety of getting started with some new research projects. And I spent a jolly weekend in Birmingham with some old friends, visiting Cadbury's World and behaving like a teenager.

I've started to make the most of our new surroundings and have been for a couple of runs in the countryside. It is a great area to run in because it is flat and there are some lovely paths to explore. I even downloaded a new running app on my iphone which tracks my progress. Genius technology! I've had some great days working at home and have got into the garden every day even if I have had to wear my coat: NB waterproof jackets are the order of the day in the East Midlands at present as we've had an unbelievable and unusual amount of rain over the past few weeks...ever since they announced the hosepipe ban!

The weather has turned our minds towards this year's travels and yesterday I booked our trip to Las Vegas in October. I, as usual, am there with work; D is coming along for a jolly holiday. I am taking a day off at the end though to go to the Grand Canyon. Should be an amazing trip.

But before all that we have three weeks of tech rehearsals and final performances, essay deadlines and dissertation panic. I love performance fortnight. It is always such brilliant fun and it is wonderful to see all the amazing work the students have produced. Given the amount of screaming in the corridor today (part of the performance naturally) and the Duchamp-inspired musical instruments currently parked in my office I think we are in for some great stuff.


Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter one and all!

Ooops, only a day late with my Resurrection greeting! The delay is really due to the fact that D and I have been on annual leave this week and have spent happy days chilling out, travelling about and seeing folks. So, it all started with a great weekend in Ely/Cambridge. D was beside himself with excitement as we were staying in the field where the front cover of Pink Floyd's Division Bell album was photographed.

Fortunately the field now contains a sensational B&B where we stayed. We spent Saturday in Ely behaving like 12 year olds in the Cromwell museum (we tried on helmets and everything!) and Sunday exploring the beautiful city of Cambridge. We went into all the colleges that were free and tutted at all that charged! We then went to the Aussie Pink Floyd gig (a happy coincidence). We had backstage passes so hung out with the band before and after (free bar and cake at after-show party - D and I both had rock n' roll Sprites!) and everyone was so friendly and gracious.

We came back to Nocton for a day at home (caught up with Wrestlemania - HHH/HBK/ we love you guys!) and then headed off to Edinburgh for Easter with the fam. On our way up we ate at the wonderful Greywalls. The souffle was so good that I had a cheese one for starters and a sweet one with peaches for pudding. Gorgeous, gorgeous and, although the weather was pretty grim, Muirfield still looked pretty stunning. We had such a happy few days with the family. I had a single day in the library which was topped off with a visit to one of my favourite inspirational Auld Reekie haunts, The Museum of Scotland/National Museum. It was packed with kids for science week and it was so wonderful to see so many children really wanting to learn. I have a theory that Scotland has a stronger commitment to education and learning than England, and experiences like this one just convinces me I'm right! We caught up with the whole family and ended up with the usual unbelievable amount of Easter eggs. We arrived back last night and have spent today having breakfast at Doddington Hall, seeing the horses at Bransby and watching the first episode of Game of Thrones (new series). Just a typical vacation day chez Warden.

We are back to work tomorrow though I have a couple of days at home to try and get some articles finished before the assessment period arrives. We were so glad to wake up in our lovely Garden House this morning. The weather is a bit wet but our house is still fab! Ah the peace of the countryside. We have had ducklings, deer, bunnies and all sorts of birds in our garden in recent days. It's just lovely.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter time.