Friday, 31 March 2017

What happened in March?

So, for those of you who have seen me around during the past month or so you will have noticed that I haven't quite looked myself. Having been ill on and off since November, my poor old body finally succumbed to the flu and then to pleurisy, which I imagined was an illness only Dickensian spinsters contracted! Anyways, I feel as if I am slowly coming out the other end but it has been unpleasant, rather painful and (probably worst of all for me) pretty frustrating! As a goal-setter and forward-thinking sort of person, I really hate it when everything is derailed. The idea of bed rest is rather horrifying; the fear of missing out on a day fills me with frustration. But I have tried to take enough rest in these busy last weeks of term. Sometimes our bodies just tell us where we are at and we have to listen to them.

So, in the midst of this, what else has happened? Well, D and I have enjoyed some good family time with both sides during March. This included a quick trip to lovely Edinburgh to celebrate Bro-in-law's birthday and to play with my fantastic nieces. I've had some fun work opportunities which I have just about been able to cough through. Our Cultural Exchanges event 'Performance and Professional Wrestling' was a particular highlight. Forty people attended which was exactly forty more than I thought might attend when I first suggested it to the organisers! The speakers were absolutely amazing and we had some terrific feedback. I've also finally managed to schedule some important deep thinking time into my week: Friday afternoons (e.g. straight after writing this post!) are now reserved for new projects, reading and pondering. So far this has been a great addition to my academic schedule and I already feel more focused.

As far as other stuff, life has been pretty quiet, mostly because of being under the weather, although we did enjoy a magnificent Anderson, Wakeman, Rabin concert the other week in Nottingham: three guys really stretching themselves! It was brilliant! And we've also made a few life decisions which include (*whisper it*) potentially buying a house. More of that in the next post as everything is a bit up in the air right now.

Anyways, one more week of term to go. It has been the longest term ever and I am looking forward to a bit of a rest and a refocus on some projects that have been rather neglected over the past few months. And it's Wrestlemania Weekend which is a source of great excitement in our house. Finding the card a bit full, busy and confusing, although looking forward to some of the matches: glad to see Naomi back, Miz/Maryse v Cena/Nikki (cringe-worthy but interesting), Owens/Jericho, (I suppose) AJ/Shane O. If you aren't wrestling fans that the previous sentence will mean nothing!

Wishing you a happy final day of March 2017.