Friday, 13 June 2014

Coming to an end...

Today's emails can be put into two categories: interesting researchy stuff and data processing, marking stuff. This about sums up this time of year to be honest. It's a transition period, moving between different ways of viewing the idea of work. While there are a couple of bits and pieces still to be signed off, term is definitely winding down. The sun is out (most of the time) and I've made various plans and goals for the next few months - lots of writing goals but also some off the wall bits and pieces.

So, what has been going on? Marking certainly, but a number of other fun things. A few films (Philomena was particularly good), some jolly reading (a book about John Bunyan and one about the British Museum), a great conference at the University of Hull (where I took part in a performed reading of a C10th play by a nun called Hrotsvit) and some challenging horse riding.

Last night we had the great joy of heading over to Holmfirth for an Asia gig. Asia were my gateway into rock music some 7 years ago, so I have real affection for that band. They played a really great gig - lots of my favourites. It was, however, so loud that my ears are still ringing now. Put three rock legends (and a new lead guitarist) together and you will always have a loud gig!

So as term comes to an end, all my projects get going. I've got a lot on the go right now - books, chapters, edited collections, journal articles, funding bids, and bits and pieces. I've made some very strict plans for this summer in an attempt to get words down on the screen and not worry too much about craft etc. And it'll all be completed with a sporting soundtrack in the background. We are rather spoilt for choice: cricket tests, hockey world cup, rugby internationals, the World Cup (obvs), US Open, Wimbledon. And my beloved WWE never takes a break. It's rather nice to work to the noises of physical exertion elsewhere in the world.

Hope you are well wherever you are.