Friday, 10 February 2017

Lots of positives

Funny how weeks can be full of great things and full of sad things!

The past week and a bit has been rather coloured by the death of my favourite rocker John Wetton. Meeting him back in 2008 and seeing my first Asia show was the start of my rock music odyssey. He has always been my favourite: his music is always so full of intensity, passion, authenticity and sensitivity. Eventually I had the great privilege of working with this wonderful band. I have felt so sad since his death and we have enjoyed listening to a lot of his beautiful music since then.

The world still seems pretty topsy-turvy, although things feel a lot clearer and less anxious when you stay off Twitter! Focusing on good things like community, learning exciting new stuff (parabolic curves and cures for Alzheimers have been two things I've been thinking about this week!) and doing lots of good work.

But life is also full of great things, such as a wonderful weekend in Cumbria where I finally fulfilled one of my dreams and rode a horse along the beach. Ended up in proper canter. Here is a picture of me and lovely Jente:

It was a fabulous weekend. I felt such a sense of freedom as I cantered along. Other high points: this week I took part in De Montfort's great LoveInternational 24hr vigil. We came together as a university family and made a public declaration that we will stand up for folks, and share love rather than negativity or hate. It might be easy to be cynical but it was a really wonderful time. Here I am giving a wee talk about friendship and creativity to lots of folks wrapped in blankets!

We've enjoyed lovely little meals out, hanging out with friends (including two jolly wee boys), and watching Bryan Cranston's new series 'Sneaky Pete'. The next few weeks are quite settled but include weekends with the family, exciting new work projects, dinners with friends, a few new goals/challenges and, on Sunday, a great wrestling show in Milton Keynes.

So, I've been reminded over the past few weeks about the need to really focus on the positives: the wonderful beauty of the world, great people, significant environmental and economic improvements. I hope you too know real peace despite the ups and downs of the world.