If there's one thing that everyone loves it's a slideshow(!?). So, grab a bag of popcorn and dim the lights.

Our photos up to 2015 can be found here.
2016 and onwards can be accessed via the country/city/place links below:

2016: We started our summer with a trip to Australia (heading home via Qatar and Oslo). We spent a week in Russia and, while this was a work trip, we did a fair bit of sightseeing in the beautiful cities of Moscow and St Petersburg. The final week of the summer was spent in Italy near Lake Garda. In the Autumn I was at a conference in Pasadena (though we also managed to sneak some chilled time in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree area). And here are our photographs of our 2017 trip to Western US with D's Mum and Dad. If you are interested in our 2017 Japan trip (or in a brief nip to Amsterdam on our way home then here you go!

All pictures are courtesy of D's masterful photographic eye, except the ones of him with his head cut off...I took those.