Wednesday, 28 February 2018

2018 has begun!

I sit typing looking out at our snowy garden. 'Garden?' I hear you cry, 'but you live in a flat!' Ah, well finally D and I have bought our very own house. After three years of trying and numerous dead ends and false turns, here we are in our own house in the East Midlands. We are delighted with it. It felt like home from almost the moment we stepped in. And gradually we are filling it and enjoying times with our family and friends.

Moving has taken up much of January and February really. It really is a time-consuming (slightly stressful) thing to do. Apart from that we have been watching a lot of basketball! We recently got into the Leicester Riders basketball team and have been to three games so far. I have always loved basketball and the Riders are one of the best teams in the country. It is great fun. Here's hoping they win the final in Glasgow! I have watched a fair bit of Winter Olympics and we've been exploring our new neighbourhood.

Work has been busy and full. All the proofs for the various projects I have been part of over the past two years seem to have all come in at exactly the same time! Fortunately that means I'll be able to tick them off my list pretty soon. I'm also in the midst of putting together a large grant application with a couple of friends. We're also planning for the next in our series of live wrestling events as part of Wrestling Resurgence. We have an exciting card lined up for our next event in May. Workwise I have a BIG announcement but will put that off until my next post when I can announce it officially.

In other news, we have booked our second trip to Japan. We'll be heading out in June for a couple of weeks. If you want to find out what we got up to last year then check out the 'photos' section. This year we'll be taking a different route and experiencing a Japanese onsen and ryokan. All very exciting.

Well, here's hoping the next time I write that the snow will be behind us and spring will have begun in earnest. Cannot wait to see some flowers and sunshine!

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